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Year End Highlights

With 2016 drawing to a close, we ask you to give consideration to the Glen Lake Association in your year-end gift planning. While the Association remains on a strong financial foundation, we will likely finish the 2016 year with a small operating deficit. This is because of conscious decisions our Board made to elevate the Swimmers’ Itch spring Merganser harassment campaign, investment to upgrade our database technology, and the design of our new website. We anticipate future cost savings in printing and postage among other communication benefits with our technology upgrades.

Listed below are some of the highlights of 2016 reflecting our mission to preserve and protect Glen Lake now and for future generations:

  • Continued high level of water quality with no evidence of new invasive species.
  • Recognition for our work by many regional and statewide organizations resulting in a $250,000 shared grant from the Michigan DNR to provide swimmers’ itch research.
  • A newly designed and interactive website providing for ease of member use, event enrollment and informative video postings.
  • Continued support of the position of watershed biologist Rob Karner who serves as an expert consultant for all water quality programs.
  • Expansion of the Discovery Boat program led by Rob Karner, which serves to educate riparians about the preservation of Glen Lake. All members are encouraged to attend.
  • A significant increase of our “Legends” endowment program where members include the Glen Lake Association in their estate plans.
  • Sponsorship of two educational workshops on best practices for replanting and landscaping after the great storm of 2015.
  • Extension of the Guardian program to include landscape professionals emphasizing their commitment to best practices for lake quality protection.

Membership dues provide only a portion of the annual costs to underwrite our expenses. Therefore, as you consider your year-end charitable giving, I would encourage you to include an additional contribution to help protect Glen Lake and the surrounding watershed. A separate email reminder for 2017 dues will be sent in early December, as you may also want to prepay your dues for tax purposes in 2016. Both donations and dues are tax deductible.

Bill Witler, President

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To donate by mail please send to: The Glen Lake Association, P.O. Box 551, Glen Arbor, MI 49636.

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Membership benefits

You receive numerous association services (see the Who We Are page for a full description) along with your personal copy of the GLA newsletter Alligator & Inspiration (published February, June and October).

You help to support, through your annual dues, the important activities undertaken by the association to keep the Glen Lake-Crystal River Watershed as pristine as possible.

Membership is open to anyone interested in protecting, preserving and continually improving the beautiful Glen Lake Watershed for present and future generations. Association members and volunteers work together to maintain a strong organization that focuses on:

Water LevelPanel 5 wildflower. To operate and maintain the Crystal River dam that controls the water level in Glen Lake, Fisher Lake and the the Crystal River.

Water Quality. To measure and help control pollution, and study ways to protect the environment and natural resources.

Water Clarity. To check the clarity of Glen Lake with regular Secchi Disc readings.

Invasive Species Prevention. To operate programs that help to protect Glen Lake from infestation by Eurasian water milfoil and other exotic invasive organisms.

Information to Members. To publish and distribute newsletters to members, and keep the public informed about key issues affecting the Glen Lake area.

Legal Issues. To monitor existing and proposed township, county and state laws that affect our lakes and the environment.

County, State and National Departments. To work cooperatively with the Leelanau Conservancy and other northern Michigan lake associations.

Educational Courses. To work with Leelanau County’s marine patrol and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to offer educational courses for people of all ages.

Happy kayakerWater and Boating Safety. To promote water and boating safety, the Association places buoys at the narrows, the Little Glen Boat Launch, and the rocky area on Big Glen; distributes good boating etiquette fliers to boaters; and posts signs for boaters entering and exiting Fisher Lake.

Swimmer’s Itch. To continue to seek out methods of effectively controlling swimmer’s itch.

Membership and volunteers. To conduct the ongoing responsibilities for maintaining a strong and effective Association for the Glen Lake area.

Finance. To finance all the activities of the Association and establish reserves to handle emergencies.

Endowment Fund. To accumulate funds to ensure the preservation and enhancement of Glen Lake by means of visionary stewardship of the Glen Lake watershed. The watershed extends to the dam that controls lake water levels and includes land tributary to Glen Lake, Fisher Lake and the part of the Crystal River upstream from the dam.

You can join the Glen Lake Association online. You have the option to pay online or pay by mail.

Annual membership in the Glen Lake Association is available at multiple levels: Basic ($50); Contributor ($100); Sustaining ($250); Silver ($500); Gold ($1,000); Platinum ($2,500).

In addition, special Business Memberships are available in two levels. Join the GLA as a business partner here.

Individuals who include the Glen Lake Association or its Endowment Fund in their estate plan will be known as Glen Lake Association “Legends.” Legends are recognized for their support at the annual meeting every August and are listed in the GLA newsletter.

Please contact one of the Development Committee chairs if interested or contact the GLA office at 231.334.7645 for information, or the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, 231 935.4066, with your questions.

THANK YOU for supporting the Glen Lake Association, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Current Glen Lake Association “Legends”

  • Bruce and Christie Alton
  • Sumner and Irene Bagby
  • Patrick and Cheryl Barry
  • Denny and Carole Becker
  • Bob and T Boles
  • David and Cara Cassard
  • Richard and Carolyn Chormann
  • James and Sharon Doyle
  • Jim and Susan Dutmers
  • Tom and Monica Dutmers
  • Jeff and Diane Hamilton
  • David and Maureen Herr
  • John and Carolyn Hoagland
  • Rob and Barbara Karner
  • Gary and Christine Peppler Johnson
  • Joan Kramps
  • Thomas and Marilyn Klingaman
  • Joe and Sue Lake
  • Michael and Lori Lyman
  • Bill and Susanne Meserve
  • Charles and Sara Ofenloch
  • John Peppler
  • Charles Patton
  • John and Ginny Rockwood
  • Richard Schilling
  • Tim and Sue Unger
  • Bill and Rita Witler

Bill Witler has been coming to Glen Lake since 1951. “We have to ensure the quality of the lake, the water and the watershed that we’ve enjoyed in our generation will continue for future generations,” he said. “With the right financial support, the Glen Lake Association will continue to be the guardian of the watershed.”