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Relocation Upcoming for Common Merganser Hens & Chicks

Education, News June 1, 2018 No Response

Aiming to help prevent the parasite carried by Merganser ducks that causes Swimmer’s Itch, GLA will soon be live trapping and relocating Common Merganser hens and their chicks.


You may see trapping teams setting up nets and working your shoreline to capture the ducks. If so, please assist the efforts by staying inside until the hen and her chicks have been captured. Usually, it takes about an hour or two to set up the nets, capture, and relocate the brood.

If you see broods, please do not harass them in any way, as it can increase the difficulty of catching them. (Note: It is illegal to shoot them except during hunting season).

Finally, if you observe a Common Merganser brood on Glen Lake, please call in your sighting to 231-883-2776, noting the number of chicks and where you observed them. (There is no need to call if you see single mergansers without chicks or broods of other species such as mallards.)

Our goal will be to repeat last year’s effort of live trapping 100% of the Common Merganser broods. The trapping season begins now and will continue until early July.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Rob Karner, Watershed Biologist.


Spring Clean-Up: Top 10 Things To Do

Education, News May 22, 2018 No Response

According to our Watershed Biologist, Rob Karner, here are 10 quick things you can do in preparation for the summer season on Glen Lake:

1.  Check your septic pumping schedule to see if you need to pump your tank (usually every 3-5 years or more frequently with heavy use).

2.  Refrain from blowing leaves and debris into the lake as you clean up your yard. Compost leaves in the woods to return nutrients to the soil.

 3.  Prepare to gather all hazardous wastes for the spring collection date of June 30 at Glen Lake School (call 231.256.9812 ahead of collection day).

 4.  Prep your lake water irrigation system after the last frost for summer use, or set up a time to contact a contractor to install one. 

5.  Mix your compost piles that are away from the shoreline and add new compost.

6.  Take shelled corn or other grains off your shopping list so you are not tempted to feed the ducks on your shoreline. By not feeding the waterfowl you’ll keep ducks, geese, and swans from gathering in concentrated groups where they will defecate, introducing harmful E. coli bacteria and excessive nutrients to the water.

 7.  Sign up for a Discovery Boat Cruise and find out more about GLA’s 2018 projects and initiatives, along with learning what makes Glen Lake and the Crystal River Watershed so special.

 8.  Take the online survey for the Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program at and become a Guardian. (Please be sure to register!) 

 9.  Pick up all pet waste that accumulated over the winter and dispose in the trash.

 10.  If you fertilize in the spring, be sure to keep it at least 50 feet away from the shoreline and shop for phosphorous-free fertilizer. HJ Premium Turf Food provides essential nutrients lawns need to be vigorous, lush and green.

Thank you for your efforts in caring for Glen Lake
and the Crystal River Watershed!


GLA’s Annual Meeting is August 11

Education, News May 11, 2018 No Response

The Glen Lake Association (GLA) Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, August 11th, 2018 at the Glen Lake Community Reformed Church, 4902 W. MacFarlane Rd., Glen Arbor.

The meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. with educational sessions, followed by the State of the Lake report and member recognition awards. Lunch will be provided for all attendees immediately following the meeting. Free tree seedlings will be available for all attendees too!

Educational topics will include:

  • Swimmer’s Itch update by GLA lake biologist, Rob Karner.
  • Overview of the Glen Lake Watershed Guardian Program and introduction of our new, on-staff Guardian Ambassador, Tricia Denton.
  • Opportunities for members to make an impact through GLA involvement.

Members will have the opportunity to vote for new board members who are filling vacancies for terms that have expired or those seeking a second term. A nominating committee has identified qualified members and made their recommendations for the available positions. The GLA appreciates your participation on this important matter.

Bring a friend or neighbor, particularly someone who has never attended the annual meeting. 

For additional information, contact the Glen Lake Association office at 231-334-7645 or visit

Hope to see you August 11!