Why We Need Glen Lake Guardians

Why We Need Glen Lake Guardians

Despite our documented success in protecting the overall water quality in the Glen Lake/Crystal River watershed, we know this area will continue to be stressed.

Among the sources of stress are:Guardian Logo

  • Increased tourism
  • Destruction of greenbelts
  • More full-time residents
  • Spread of tree diseases
  • Introduction of more invasive species
  • The increased use of chemicals in our day-to-day lives

We all can see these signs when, on summer weekends, we visit downtown Glen Arbor or cruise our waterways. In 2012 Sleeping Bear National Park broke its all-time attendance record and last year, despite the cold summer overall, July attendance set a new record.

Guarding the Glen Lake/Crystal River watershed

John Hayes and Friend installing Watershed Marker SignsSince its founding in 1954, a major focus of the Glen Lake Association (GLA) has been the preservation and protection of water quality in the Glen Lake/Crystal River watershed. We are fortunate to be in an area where residents, organizations, and governments recognize the importance of protecting this unique resource.

Together, we have put in place reasonable requirements to protect shorelines, prevent pollution, and help assure the proper performance of septic systems.

In addition to community efforts, the GLA has funded many programs to monitor water quality directly. Our focus has been to identify potential problems early and intervene before they become major problems.

Mouth of Crystal River empties into LK MIAnd it’s working!

We’re happy to report that our tests, overall, show that the quality of our water is at a high level, has remained relatively stable, and compares favorably to neighboring lakes.

But there’s more to do …

The challenge is to continue to be vigilant in protecting the watershed.